Confidence & Consistency

Consistency hasn't always been a strong point for me, and it is an art. There is a practical way to practice flexibility in mind, work, communication altogether. To begin understanding the use of the word consistency in this article here's the definition,


conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness.

From Dictionary

How capable are you to be socially and physically aware, while applying yourself entirely to other tasks around you that also require your attention, & eliminating distractions from those around you and yourself? Is it possible to practice focus and concentration in all you're doing? Is it possible to do this and remain happy or content at that moment, for me, it is, so it's possible for you too? This takes a lot of practice, practice with breath work, thought processes, and how you choose to use your energy & most importantly your time. Focusing on entities you input like: your thoughts, conversations you listen to, people you talk to, actions and vibes(vibrations, people) you allow around you, etc. & how you use your time, which is pretty straightforward, we'll learn how to apply consistency to begin the process of obtaining what we're working for... 

Habit Energy

What do you spend your time thinking about? what do your thoughts consist of?

Is it worry, self-doubt, judgment of self & others, fears, questions, the past or future, all of the above... we can change these thoughts and transform them into something that works for us. transforming thoughts requires hard work and consistency, most of us live in our heads and our thoughts are always on the go. Try changing the current thoughts that have become repetitive into new thoughts that completely counteract what you thought previously. 

Example, Instead of using your thoughts for fear in a new venture: What if it doesn't work? What if i fail?

Flip this into a thought of manifestation and focus on the particulars that have already worked in your favor, the realities.

Example: a job interview or Starting a new business. Focus on already getting close enough to have an interview, you are also that much closer to getting a job or that close to selling your first product or having your first client. Focusing more on the real particulars of a situation instead of the imaginary "what ifs" will give you ample confidence going into a situation.

Thought processes

How are your thoughts normally? Are they anxiety filled, thought riddled like mine most days? Having a grip on this is important while practicing consistency. 

Imagine having a mind reversal, imagine if you could swap out all of your "bad" thoughts for good ones. I have good news; you can... its a process it's not something that will be done overnight and damn I know we love things that work that way but that's not what consistency is, and success is never overnight.  

Practical ways to get rid of shitty thoughts:

  1. Look in the mirror: when was the last time you looked in the mirror? did you tell yourself you were beautiful, did you compliment your intellect?

  2. Write your wild thoughts down and release them by burning the paper Or ripping to pieces Repeat as much as you'd like. Then begin to invite new ideas in, ones that are beneficial to you and with this practice the act will become second nature in any situation that requires thought.

  3. Speak your mind: are your thoughts rapid because you feel you can't use your voice? Just use it to say what you need to. Scared it will come out harsh? Breathe through it and practice what you need to say. If all else cannot be done, write down what you'd wish to say, either say it, rip it up or whatever you choose.

Time Management:

How we spend our time matters most. If you're an entrepreneur, business owner, working individual you know how vital Time management is, every minute counts. 

We spend a lot of time doing unsubstantial acts. Trying to multitask, thinking, procrastinating... If we prioritize our work according to the time we have in a day the flow of everything becomes natural.

Wasteful time habits:

Pondering on what to do next:

stop thinking, create a list and prioritize your list daily for repetitive tasks, just set a reminder!


I'll say it again, slow down. Take your time and use the time for you. Focus on one task at a time to get the maximum productivity for that one item. 


If you give too much, you'll forget to do things for you. If you cant allot time on a schedule, you don't have time!


Useful time management habits:

Daily planner

Keep a planner (I have a mini and a desk-size planner) Use this for appointments, reminders, Tasks & Daily reminders and events.

Set Reminders (even for the little stuff)

You know those petty tasks were always forgetting or a daily habit of a hobby we've meant to start? Lets put them into action by setting reminders.

Keep a journal

Keep a journal for thoughts, ideas, things you want to say etc. Use this journal daily and begin to feel some weight lift off of you. Are creative? Keep a small journal with you we all have ideas or thoughts on the go, be sure to use them! 

Practical Use

These practical applications will give you consistency and practice on bettering your mind, the way you work and the thoughts you house in your mind which is the stem of all creation! So lets water our minds with goodness! 

As always,

Be Unconventionally You!