Beginning Self-Help: who says you’ll only need it once.

As I am on this self-help journey, I’ll be sharing the life hacks that I practice daily. Practical self-help that you’ll need more than once. No one's problems, inhibitions, anxiety, or depression(to name a few) just vanishes, this is a journey of a lifetime.

Imagine the struggles of getting to know yourself actively. Not through trial and error from failed relationships, or reattempts at desires, battles with failure & defining yourself (outside sources)… I mean being able to actively analyze yourself with no judgments, reassess your fears and turn them into useful affirmations, sit in your emotions and digest them with clarity, clarity of thought and speech.

Part I:

We’re all different, and this begins as experimentation, we are all indecisive and unsure, fearful, housed with anxieties and worries of various calibers, especially when starting a new venture. It Is essential to shift focus to something real in the real world that's existing right now, and focus your energy & thought on that… do this to flip your negative thoughts into motivating, affirming ones.

Create a gratitude/manifestation journal.

Gratitude, manifestation journal, goals, desires

Write it down... When you’re feeling thankful for something write it down, take a personal inventory of everything you're grateful for, try to start with the small things and work your way up to big things. Doing this daily will reveal a new way of thinking and if there is anything you are trying to bring into fruition write it down, be active, apply purposeful thought to the items you wrote and focus your energy there.

Be realistic in thought don’t snowball effect or worry.

worry, self doubt, snowball effect

 How many of our ongoing worries actually ensue?

Think about it.  We Waste time and thought that could be used for creativity or true productivity, but instead, there’s worry created and instilled inside of us that will create more fear and anxiety inside of you, once you plant the seed in your mind, it begins to grow...

This is a process some days will be difficult, you now have yo sit in your situation, whatever that is. Your feelings, ego, insecurities, fears, etc. recognize them and the source while reflecting on the situation in its entirety.

Don’t be so impressionable 

We love mystery, and there is always something we don't know, especially when it involves another person. We believe people willingly if we want to know more about them, this enables us to see through elusive behaviors & we're either continuously hurt or blinded to the present situation in front of us. & through my experience, impressionability is the source of everything that causes failure and dependency in relationships: family, couples, friendships… You have to have the instinct to not only trust your intuition but to analyze each situation critically.

Don't allow people to dictate the way you choose to express yourself.

Self-expression is vital to allow yourself the liberty of being free. Your way of expression could be the way you look, your style, your lifestyle, hobbies, choices in the relationships you form.

Understand how and why you feel what you do: the hard part

Do you have the capability to look inside your feelings, thoughts, emotions, habits of thinking... these are all interchangeable but very different. Emotions are for the mind, a product of action, thought, words. Our initial body reaction. Feelings are formed from emotions, developed over time and last longer than the initial emotion, but there is a thin line between the two. Thoughts are our playground for all ideas, possibilities, memories, etc. we control the thoughts we allow to remain and those we release.

To understand your emotions, feelings and thoughts analyze a situation for the emotions, thoughts and feelings that you felt. See the correspondence with all and try practicing this in the moment.

Say NO… to yourself. 

Tell yourself no, no, self help, self care

Want something that you know is bad for you? Making a decision that’s hurting someone else?

Have you ever felt something inside of you that disagreed with a thought or an action? That funny feeling in your throat, or stomach, but we test the waters anyway, and it ends in a way similar to how you knew it would.

Telling yourself NO when you have that feeling or a thought that instantly disagrees with what you’re doing. Try it once, and it becomes addicting.

Trust yourself: why do we ask those outside of us.

We seek counsel for situations that could be answered by ourselves. & sometimes we ask people that don’t have a clue for themselves. The same doubtful energy you house we all house from time to time but confidence is not found from other sources, confidence is found by trusting yourself, allowing yourself tome decisions and seeking counsel on the serious situations in our lives. Start the process of checking in with yourself and making it a habit, get to know yourself and get on the journey to understanding who you are.

Part II: The Practical Tools.

Who says you’ll only need it once Be Unconventionally You!