You Are the Expert of Your Life! (From a Life-coach)

We are in charge of our life, we're given the blessing of ultimate choice in our lives. When you look outside of yourself, you fall short in seeing what you're lacking in giving to yourself. No matter how you perceive it or judge it, we are all natural healers especially of ourselves. When we're not feeling well we make the decision to be active, go get help, or sit in suffering. When a friend is in need, we lend words for sympathy or motivation. Call it what you want. I call it healing. Nevertheless, always know, You Are THE Expert of Your Life.

Practical, general ways to take control of your mind, reactions, life, & healing process.

Mental & emotional work.

Support yourself

We ask other people to support us, but are we supporting ourselves?

We attract the same frequency we put out. So if we are not capable of supporting ourselves Internally or physically, we will not receive anyone who can do the same. Most of us focus on our partners to make us feel better, to support undyingly as if it’s a job and even if they do a good job we are not satisfied. Why? We aren’t giving that to ourselves first. We are responsible for being the necessary, primary providers for our needs we can't expect anyone to show us that in return. We can only receive what we give ourselves, for that is how they learn how to treat us.

Support yourself: Practice non-judgment, get your thoughts, feelings, and emotions out (journal or talk to the mirror)

Trust Yourself.

Do you hold an authentic relationship with yourself? Can you call yourself out when you’re tripping, when you know your mind is on go, when you know you’re participating in low-frequency conversations?

Do you keep the promises you make to yourself?

Do you judge yourself?

Are you critical of yourself?

If yes, try to negate these habits. Write them down, counteract the thought with a positive one, practice mindful breathing. When you trust yourself, you can hold yourself accountable you're able to share your fears or faults. You can’t trust yourself or intuition if you're always in self-judgment or applying guilt.

Affirm what you want or need, not things of material nature but things of substance.

Affirmation, action and manifestation lets talk about it…

Affirmation: used as a thought, reoccurring or a prayer.

Defined as: A technique in giving yourself emotional support. (

Action: the catalyst, what is it that's moving you? Is it pure intention, determination, another person, ulterior motives?

Manifestation: unwavering faith in yourself, your God, through thought, speech, action, and true faith. To create.

Defined as: A version or creation of something. (

Many of us have unwavering faith in doubt and fears, and we act on those doubts when we don’t complete our tasks or when we are too doubtful to succeed. If we shifted from what ifs, to thoughts of substance and self-worth our minds would be happier & healthier.  

Get Active, Help yourself.

Hold yourself accountable.

This is the most painful but most self-aware, active step I’ve taken. Accountability is arduous, you have to own your shit. The good, the bad, the ugly. You have to get to know yourself, take responsibility for neglecting your needs, nutrients. There is so much to do when you are aware of yourself, but as you heal remember patience, self-love, non-judgment, and accountability.

We already know the answer. Most times we already hold the answer we want in our heads while posing the question, ask that voice then take your time, meditate on it and take control of your own life.

Ask yourself these questions:

Whats your passion?

Does your character change or remain the same in different environments?

Do you have goals?

Do you have options?

Can you openly and comfortably admit your faults?

We can help our self with the common things we struggle with, of course there will be times when we seek an outside counsel, no one can do anything alone but for your life, you hold they to to certain answers, not all but some, everyone’s lost, everyones a contradiction but it’s all about how comfortable you are, and how hone you are, with yourself…

Be Unconventionally You!