"This is America" Childish Gambino



Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) introduces us to America


Childish Gambino

made history debuting at number 1, and landing a political song such as this in the Billboard 100, could it be the catchy lyrics, ad libs, making such a political art piece as this more relatable by mastering what the masses like to & providing a violent look with a visual as to what he believes America to be.

"When was the lat time someone got mad about poetry(art) I did that" Childish Gambino. 

He revolutionized what it means to be political and socially “woke”by giving us his political synopsis of what America is..

This is America begins as what seems to be a folk song, but quickly transfers to what is considered be a current rap beat using a very basic cadence, he raps as well as paints a picture with the visual and his lyrics but you must listen and watch closely. After his success of redbone his popularity catapulted and he’s becoming more of himself in his art and other business endeavors. CG created a crucible of what America is but not only by shining a light on racial inequalities but also by the real images of portrayal he’s using in the visual.

The ambiguity of the video makes it open for opinions and social media had a field day with the video trying to analyze its meaning in everyday possible.  The song debuted when Glover was on SNL he performed the song & also debuted another track “Saturday” 

Features Gambino has on This Is America” 


Young Thug, 21 Savage, Quavo, Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmmi, and BlocBoy JB. 

He makes states like:  “I have to be himself to quantify my work, rap was initially made to teach young blacks to get money, when was the last time someone was mad about art? I did that, We are 10% of the US and we influence the world”

He did & in one the most brilliant unconventional ways. Keeping the cadence minimal and allowing the song to have catchy ad-libs, catchy flow & a beat filled with bass makes it easy to listen to without a lot of riddles inside the lyrics, in a way repeating some of the lyrics we hear but applying his own take to it. The visual depicts death, racism, violence, black culture and its use and abuse of black people in our current societal state; This is shown by the white horse, gun violence, children and Gambino dancing, a black choir singing “Black Man, Get your money” then he shoots the entire choir and proceeds. Ina interview with The Breakfast Club Glover speaks on black people in America and pieces somethings together. 



This is America debuted at number 1. Sold 65.3 million copies in the first week

So are the dances a distraction or 

is he dancing with death? 

Is the dancing replicative of the muse black people play for America by the social and cultural influences we have?

Is he showing black essence by doing dances like the Gwara Gwara? 

Or is it his way of saying as we are stigmatized and oppressed you can’t strip us of us or our culture?

In art and in music you have to be openly you to create to create at your best gambino beleives this and usually a political song is not liked amongst the masses but the videos intricate details and visuals is all the politics you need. Art is open to perception and depending on the eyes you’re looking from you could perceive anything. 



Childish Gambino "This is America"

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