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"Barbie Dreams" (Just Saying)

"Coco Chanel" Nicki Minaj Feat. Foxxy Brown

"Majesty" Feat. Eminem & Labrinth

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"Barbie Dreams"

Nicki gives her version to Biggies "Just Playing" keeping the classic rhyme scheme. She name-drops and takes it back not only with her eloquence, but her techniques, her shit talking, name-dropping, this album is her best yet having a perfect balance of her edgy, dramatic schemes, more of her Trinidadian roots, giving the album some Caribbean flare. All mixed with her delicacy and attention to the lyrics as well as the flow. This album represents masculinity and Femininity perfectly. "Coco Chanel is featuring Foxxy Brown fellow Trinidadian rapper.


gives us the track we've been waiting for, and Eminem accompanies her on this rollercoaster ride of a song to add puns, jabs, and melodies that are outrageous but perfectly cohesive. This track is a little reminiscent of "Dungeon Dragon." She delivers erratic rhyme schemes that pair perfectly with the beats and her delivery, sometimes gentle, child-like vocals and other times portraying the villain, that she feels she has the right to do because if you poke the beast too many times, she will poke back. Nicki has consistently been the authoritative woman in the hip-hop industry and "Queen" proves there is no changing that. She entangles us under her lyrical spells with a masculinized feel, sometimes a child-like innocent voice, other time she sings a sweet melody that's often a freestyle, Minaj is noted for not writing the lyrics to the songs she sings.

From the album we learned,

Nicki isn't afraid to say whats on her mind; She is not afraid to speak for the masses of women. Minaj has a profound way of being cynical yet innocent, provocative but subtle, very choosy but can sound rather permiscouous. She shows character, intellect, "bossiness," and some in her music.  This album was more vulnerable than past works. The Queen talks about her feelings about past relationships but spends most of the record talking about accolades, getting money, the power of the woman, Pu--y and reclaiming/solidifying her spot as the Queen of rap. 


Lyrical Monster?


From: "LLC" 

She begins "LLC" dropping some facts about past works, and the characters she portrayed in each song. She shouts out two women in the R&B and Pop arena Beyonce and Taylor Swift and claiming that they’re only two women that get paid more. 


"I feel like I'm King Kong, name still going ding-dong
It's two girls gettin' more money, and they don't rap, they sing songs"

"Took a lil' break, but I'm back to me
Tryna make a new Nicki, where the factory?
They'll never toe to toe on a track with me
There'll never be another one after me
'Cause the skill level still just a half of me
Blasphemy, my niggas will blast for me
All these low IQ hoes baffle me
Tell 'em that I wash bitches take a bath for me
Bunch the trophies in my crib like a athlete
I see them giving fake love but that trash is weak"

"Yo, you made me do it, hoe, I told you, get low (told you get low)
I'm popping tens but they gotta be yellow
I'm New York Nick, I'm ballin', where Carmelo? (O.K. 'Melo)
I'm wavy, word to Shawty L-O, hello"

From "Good Form"


This song was featured in a Mercedes-Benz commercial. A sex-positive anthem, fast-paced, "Good Form" is a smooth flowed track reminiscent of a gritty Detroit sounding beat and style of flow is immaculate, this song is a freestyle typical Nicki fashion: to figure out her flow, go in and freestyle over the beat. 


"I slick, slick drop the top like nip slips
So he tryna smash like when the whip flips
I hit licks just to floss with this wrist
And when I leave my bitches we all say, "Kiss kiss!"
I'm in that new new"

"See, a bitch got more coins than a game room
So we ain't ever hatin' in TheShadeRoom
See, I keep my sons in a playroom
So me and you ain't ever in the same room"

From "Barbie Dreams"

Nicki gives her verion of the classic "Dreams" by the late B.I.G. & flips another masculine entity to make it into her own, flawlessly. This is NOT a diss track, concluding "Barbie Dreams" another beat surfaces, and Nicki comes in swiftly riding he beat and seems she hardly stopped for breath, she gets theatrical and ends on a soft whimsical tone of voice. 

“Drake worth a hundred milli, he always buyin' me shit
But I don't know if the pussy wet or if he cryin' and shit

Meek still be in my DMs, I be havin' to duck him
"I used to pray for times like this" face-ass when I fuck him”

"Had to cancel DJ Khaled, boy, we ain't speakin'
Ain't no fat nigga tellin' me what he ain't eatin'

YG and The Game with the hammer yellin', "Gang! Gang!"
This ain’t what I meant when I said a gang bang

Tekashi want a ménage, I said "tre-way"
Curved him and went the Kim and Kanye way

Em, cop the Barbie Dreamhouse, then you can play the part
I-I ain't tryna bust it open in the trailer park"


. Lyrics from Genius.

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