It's Fooly Time

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Emerging artist Fooly officially released his debut album it’s a fooly world October 6 2017, he also released a 3 Pack EP & partner with Dutch Master’s that dropped March 3, 2018. Fooly is our first Buzz Artist Feature.


What we get from fooly’s image & music:

 is to always be yourself and represent everything that makes you, you and do so comfortably. His style & music is unparalleled & he expresses persistently on remaining authentic to his self & his art while doing things different from what he knows, doing things his way, this much is also indicative in his music. Fooly is very diverse artistically, euphoric in a sense and he always has his hands in something working, this too is parallel in his music. His personal statement seems to be take me, leave me or forget you in the most humble     `of ways, kicking some needed game to those that may be reluctant to listen or talking down on his dreams. Alongside this in the messages of his music he riddles about weed smoking, to manifestation, women, to real life ordeals he’s dealt with & puns about his personal style and candidly speaks on individuals that went against him in one way or another and when you manifest your reality you cant stop, when you give out good vibes you’ll only get it back. He’s fearless in being himself and saying what’s on his mental.  He has no hookless songs for us just yet but his flow is remnant of a melodic rap star that has the ability to not only change mid-flow and transition seamlessly but also change melodies, all while giving level headed lessons in his songs. It’s true rappers are the new rockstars. His vocals are elegant but — raw and edgy and it all fits cohesively. 

What we like most: Versatility, Vulnerability, Authenticity


This album, EP & single  is a subtle intro to Fooly and his music. Showcasing who he is as an artist with an album, EP & new single; “Super Slimey”, remaining himself, being diverse, euphoric, unapologetic and vulnerable and that makes one hell of an Unconventional Artist. 

He gave us his version of a love serenade with Addiction (hell of a drug) . Flexed with “Clear” & gave us the real with vibes from “Laura Lynn” & “Super Slimey". 

His Playlist: check out Fooly’s playlist on our Spotify @theunconventionalblogger

Our favorite tracks:

Top 3

In “Super Slimey” Fooly has found his roar, he sounds confident, enthused, you can almost hear the determination in his voice when he sings the hook: “I Got Hungry For More & Fixed A Plate, Thirsty For Success I Drank AwaySpeeding to My Destination With No Brakes Accepting All My Mistakes, Doing All That it takes” This track provides us with an artist on the rise hungry and ready for what the world has to offer, tackling adversities by shining a light on them, and navigating using his life experiences as a continuous lesson.  


On “Laura Lynn” he allows you take a deeper look into his vulnerability, shoots puns to those that dont see him as what he truly is and those that don’t trust the process, all while giving his dose of inspiration per-usual with the hook: “can’t stop cause you never won, next one might be the one, yea”

On the track “Clear” Fooly shows us he can dabble with the least intricate lyrics and melodies. This track but puts his flow with his lyrics and that shuts everything down. He changes his cadence instantiously, and it makes you do a double take, remnant of 2 chainz, you can definitely hear the south on this track, he put a fooly twist on it. Ending with some assurance  “we the bosses around here, we got to clear it”

The Unconventional Bloggers pick: "Super Slimey" 

Our Favorite Lyrics From "Super Slimey"

Verse 1:

“Had to stop sipping my ninjas glad that i’m still here 

8 in a 32 I need Phil here Not the coach but the Doc 

They tryna keep me on the ropes 

Muhammed Ali” 

Verse 1: 

“Tell them how you informing on folks

Tryna’ figure out who did you wrong 

Look at the one in mirror Karma a bitch you gon’ fear her 

She gon’ make sure that you feel her 

Ain’t no rewinding this”


Verse 2:

Do the crime do the time right? If I grind then it’s mine right? 



“I Got Hungry For More & Fixed A Plate, Thirsty For Success I Drank AwaySpeeding to My Destination With No Brakes Accepting All My Mistakes, Doing All That it takes”

Wrap it up: 

Fooly introduces a new vulnerable artist to us, showcasing some difficulties he’s had to face but uses quick catchy metaphors to reel us back in to his current reality, which is chasing and obtaining what’s his. He switches the cadence of his flows constantly throughout songs & it seems effortless for him. He always has this melodic tune in his voice when he sings, but when he’s rapping it's the exact opposite a gritty, but suave & authoritative voice. Continuously offering  2 versatile sounds in each song. I’d describe it as rap with some sprinkles of rock, dirty south sound, melodic certitude, which is something an artist of his genre can lack and still be great.

For more check out fooly’s IG @itsafoolyworld & check him out on all music platforms.

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