Bo$$ Lady: Issa Rae

L.A. native writer, author, producer, and actress.

Issa Rae emits culture positivity, exudes "blackness," eccentricity and a sharp but witty tongue! She speaks not only for the culture but also for women. A woman of color Issa Rae has broken boundaries, stigmas, and stereotypes.

Issa's Start

From Issa Rae Productions

“J introduces herself and walks us through the awkwardness of the stop-sign. ( Created by Issa Rae (”

Issa Rae began on Youtube with her first web series Awkward Black Girl, She won a Shorty Award for best Web Series & also wrote New York Times Best Seller The Misadventures of

Awkward Black Girl.

She now writes and stars in HBO's Insecure a black-positive show, showing the lifestyle of Issa Rae and friends, though argued this show is unapologetically for the culture, maybe more so the black culture of L.A. the show is a collective of life-experiences from Issa and some of her Co-stars.

She's quoted (loosely) saying "I'm always down to share the nitty-gritty of my journey, I'm still on it."

Issa Rae Productions

Issa is the CEO of Issa Rae Productions, on youtube and online, Webseries and other content is housed there! There is also development videos for anyone aspiring to be in the business of writing, producing and other titles visit or Youtube: Issa Rae Productions.

From Issa Rae Productions

“Creatives and entrepreneurs, let us take you behind the scenes of an indie production company with the IRP team. Season 2 drops in January! Produced and Directed by Jahbrielle Henning. Shot and Edited by Rich Stevenson. Watch Season One:”

Bo$$ Lady Issa was featured on Forbes 30 Under 30, & spreads positivity amongst the black community, slowly but surely changing the way black people, women especially are received and excepted in media/entertainment & she is unapologetically for the culture.