Janelle Monàe talks love & gets personal

We LOVE Janelle Monàe!

“Produced by YouTube Music, A Revolution of Love is a visual manifesto about Janelle Monáe's quest for love, which has been a consistent thread throughout her development as an artist and human being. The film follows Janelle's journey from being a little firecracker of a girl singing in church, to her adolescent life and studies in Atlanta, to her latest album Dirty Computer.”

Janelle Monae : “I Don’t know how To NOT work hard.”


that’s what makes a boss

This Bo$$ Lady is fighting for women and rights, she’s one of musics most dynamic, versatile artists. Her latest album is infused with funk, soul, pop, rap & R&B and a lot of her own flare, she cannot be categorized or boxed in and that’s another attribute we love about her! Janelle Monàe came up in the Atlanta Underground music scene and worked tirelessly to the heights she’s reach currently. Her music brings vitality, positive energy, and most importantly authenticity and personality.

SHE’s making people feel comfortable in their own journey by being so transparent and vulnerable in her art, in her latest album Dirty Computer.

What She Say?

In youtube’s artist spotlight janelle gets personal and talks about the beginning of her career, challenges, what defines love to her.

“Music can unite no matter what political party you’re in, no matter what God you choose to serve, you can absolutely connect with somebody over a good horn line”

“I feel like my job is to stay in the moment and give people experiences”

“ Your intentions are pure you should act on that, you should do that and have so much F#$%@NG fun in the process.